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2023 Year in Review

The 2023 outdoor season has officially come to an end at Minnedosa Golf & Country Club and what a season it was. We began the year with Mother Nature on our side and a golf course in pristine condition from the moment the snow left. After 5 seasons of drought, pandemics, floods and seemingly everything in between, the sixth season was the charm for myself here in Minnedosa.

The Golf Course - Grounds

The golf course opened all 18 holes for the 2023 season on May 3rd with beautiful conditions right from the word go. Dan Bailey and his staff got to work preparing the course for the season as well as dealing with a few areas that were still recovering from the 2022 flood. Their work speaks for itself as by mid June it was becoming increasingly difficult to recognize that we had a flood at all and greens that were completely submerged last season were becoming the best on the course. The weather cooperated for us this year with timely rains and many warm sunny days for golfers. Our new irrigation holding cell and well proved it's merit when we went over 6 weeks with no rain and the course remained in incredible condition. This reliable, clean water source was imperative to the conditions we enjoyed this year and I cannot thank those involved in making that happen enough including Brian Dalrymple and his family. Dan Bailey, Jamie Stone, George Collen, Greg Marchischuk, Scott Burgess, Angus Hachkowski, Kim Warburton, Rem Lemoing, Harry Cornish, Nelson Lepla & Adam Bailey all worked tirelessly this season to give our course the best condition any of us have seen in a long time. Many who had never been to Minnedosa before were blown away this year and this leaves me very excited for what is in store for 2024 and beyond for Minnedosa.

We were able to finally get the Cenovus Patio built around the Cooke Shack this fall and we are very excited to finish up the beautification of this area. This project not only improves our outdoor serving and social area but also enhances our first impression for those visiting MGCC, something we have been anxious to do for years. We have a number of other projects planned for this fall and for the future on the golf course including renovation and addition of tee boxes, washroom remodels and more.

Thank you to our ground crew for your incredible, incredible work this season.

Golf Course - Operation

After a May 3rd opening, we hit the ground running with golfers flocking to the fairways and events beginning almost the day we opened. With no golf course restrictions we were able to host the $1,000 Draw and RFM Par 3 on their rightful weekends in May and saw numbers back to where we expected them to be prior to the floods and pandemic. As the season rolled on and word got out that the course was back to its regular condition, we began seeing a large increase in traffic through June, July & August. Bus tours and buddies trips arrived at our doorstep, corporate events and outside tournaments slammed our tee sheet contributing to our best season on record so far (notice how I said so far...). Men's Nights & Ladies Nights saw excellent attendance this season, Senior Men's & Ladies mornings saw sustained numbers and our Men's League conducted its first full, uninterrupted season since its inception in 2019. Our Membership sat at a comfortable 231 golfers this season, a nice boost from last year and our rounds played reached an incredible 19,000+ marking our highest occupancy ever.

With a busy season such as this I was very fortunate to have an incredible core group of staff in our Pro Shop this season. Victor Lamb, Amber Johnson, Clara Peak, Nelson Lepla, & Zoe Heino all were huge assets to the course and I cannot thank them enough for how much they helped me this season. I even let a few of them best me on the course to boost their confidence & moral.

Golf Course - Restaurant & Beverage Cart

Our restaurant opened slightly before the golf course on April 29th for the season and much like the golf course, the year was busy and our best in a very long time. Ellen Notley once again headed up general operations of the kitchen and restaurant with many new faces in the kitchen and restaurant. From our Mother's Day Brunch to the final Clubhouse Friday of the season last week, Ellen and her staff handled the day to day and the countless events flawlessly. With gross sales up almost 30% from last season and almost 40% from 2021, I could not be more impressed and proud of the job our staff has done in the restaurant this season. Thank you very much to Ellen, Missy, Jamie, Pat, Nevaeh, Kaylea, & Natalie for your efforts this season.

Our Beverage Cart staff saw a number of new faces this season in Clara, Laura & Kyra with Payton returning full time and Kristen helping out through our busy stretches. These girls did a phenomenal job on the warm days and the cold ones and saw our beverage cart operation see a massive boost in sales because of it. Golfers were kept well hydrated and always greeted with a smile and timely service, I am proud to have these girls part of the MGCC team. Thank you girls for your efforts this season in a pivotal role in our operation. The girls were not the only ones on the beverage cart this season. A large group of male volunteers manned the cart for Ladies Nights throughout the season. This too saw a giant boost in sales and all tips they received were kindly donated back to the club to support our junior golf programs. These funds will be used to upgrade a few of the complementary junior rental sets we provide for kids at the club. Thank you gentlemen!


We once again began the season with our $1,000 Draw fundraiser and finished our season last weekend with our Cross Country Wind Up. Between these events we held 10 other major club events and countless corporate and smaller events to keep our tee sheet full through the season. Thank you to all who attended these events, they are major fundraisers for our club and allow us to thrive financially. Congratulations to all our champions:

Mixed Open - Karen Palson & Jamie Stone

Senior Ladies Open - Shauna Danyluk

Senior Men's Open - Ron Cornell

Minnedosa Masters Scramble - Troy Johnson & Zane MacDonald

Senior Men's Fall Classic - Dave Unger & Brad Munn

PGA of Manitoba Fall Final - Colwyn Abgrall

Cross Country Wind Up - Everyone

2023 Club Champions:

- Zane MacDonald (Men's)

- Jamie Armstrong (Senior Men's)

- Trudy Adamson (Ladies)

Winter Golf

The course may be closed but golf season is never done in Minnedosa. The past few seasons I have been setting up a hitting net in our Pro Shop to conduct fittings and lessons and last year we added a simulator to see how our market would react to this offering. The results were great and we have invested heavily in a state of the art set up for the 2023/24 offseason featuring a new and improved hitting bay, Flightscope Launch Monitor and 27 championship golf courses for the public to play. In addition to regular golf with buddies, fittings, and lessons, we will be hosting 6 two person scramble tournaments through the winter with payouts for each event as well as a season long champion. More details on this will be coming to our email database as well as on all social media channels. Virtual golf is a fun way to escape winter with friends, an outing for your business or a place to tune up before your trip down south for the real thing. And the beverage cart (the beer cooler) is only steps away at all times! Do not hesitate to give myself a call any time for more information or to book your time, we will be opening up early November.

Twenty Twenty Four

Looking to the future and specifically next year, I am filled with optimism and excitement with what is planned and what can be achieved here in Minnedosa. Given all we have been through the past few years and how we have persevered is nothing short of miraculous. 2023 was our best year in Minnedosa yet and I am already extremely excited to build on this success this offseason to make 2024 even better.

It has been a pleasure to work and play along side everyone who has been in Minnedosa the past 6 years of my career. This place is truly special and while it took 6 years to have a season without major hurtles, I'm happy we got to show everyone what this place can be when everything goes as planned! On behalf of the staff & Board of Directors at Minnedosa Golf & Country Club, thank you everyone for your support of our club this season.

See you in 2024!

Patrick Law

General Manager/Head Professional

Minnedosa Golf & Country Club

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