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Club Fittings & Lessons Available Now

Looking for a new weapon to use on the golf course this season? Minnedosa Golf & Country Club is now offering fittings for the new Callaway Mavrik line of clubs as well as all other current Callaway models.

Getting fit for golf clubs is essential to getting the most out of your golf game and swing. People often say "I am not good enough to get custom fit clubs" when in reality it is the higher handicap golfer that stands to benefit the MOST from custom fitting. Professional or more accomplished golfers have developed the ability to adapt to equipment that doesn't fit them perfectly whereas the less accomplished golfer often does not possess that ability. Do not do yourself the disservice of using inferior clubs that make the game harder than it already is!

The new Callaway Mavrik line of woods & irons offers unmatched speed and distance for golfers of all skill levels. Each club is specifically designed with Artificial Intelligence to fulfill the specific needs of golfers of all skill levels. The Mavrik Drivers and fairway woods are offered in the Mavrik, Mavrik Sub Zero, and new Mavrik Max models. In these three models Callaway can provide a driver and fairway wood that can fit tour pros or beginner golfers and everything in between. The same goes for the iron and hybrid line. With A.I. technology, Callaway designed a set of irons equipped with a face that is unique in every loft which means there is a significant boost in ball speeds and a more controlled spin on every iron. Long story short, this new line of clubs have the ability to vastly improve your golf game and make the game much easier!

Odyssey has also released a few new models of putters featuring some unique alignment aids that have proven extremely beneficial in early testing. Callaway introduced Triple Track technology to their golf balls last year, which they will continue to do this season, and now they have added it to their putter line up as well. The three lines are based off of technology used but pilots landing on aircraft carriers (which is pretty important to get right!!) and allows golfers to properly align themselves with their target. This technology has proven to better align 88% of golfers!! Come try it for yourself this spring.

Indoor Golf Lessons

Head Professional Patrick Law is also offering indoor golf lessons at Minnedosa Golf & Country Club! Armed with the latest technology from Flightscope to track player's ball flights from the warmth of the Pro Shop, Patrick is on hand to help you tune up your golf game and get a jump start on the 2020 golf season! For more details or to book your lesson contact Patrick at 204-720-9623 or

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